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cody baker from ohio

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1 cody baker from ohio on Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:16 am

Heres some pix of my crx build so far, ill post a thread of my complete crx soon too

Night i got it

Cleanin up body under fenders

Cage is in

bolting cage down

Getting interior done

another shot

Test fitting kit after cleaning up body

test fit fiberglass z3's

Got bumper and fenders test fit again

Whole front end is fiberglass!!! Fenders, bumper, and hood. Yes i got the hood with bondo all over it, still cleaning it up but was only $80 lol

my boost for this build

blox 64mm throttle body didnt fit the charger intake, had to open it up a little

black nitrate treated valves by supertech

undercoating complete

another shot, wheel wells complete

getting molding on doors for kit

Ill keep posting pix as i go, thanks for looking at my 91 CRX SI restoration build

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