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My name is James Sanchez

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1My name is James Sanchez  Empty My name is James Sanchez on Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:25 am

My name is james sanchez i own a 1992 honda civic cx (eg) It has a new d15b7 block with D16y7 head, D16z6 intake manifold/injectors, D16z6 ecu and tranny, I have a stock clutch with a Full exhaust from header back, From Spec-D Tuning It cost 165$ total for full system! I built this car from ground up has FUll eibach springs with lowtek struts has short throw shifter,Diffuser back bumper, CUSTOM amber headlights, Custom green engine bay.. It also has d16z6 basemap with launch control, 8K revlimit, No speed limter and obvuiously its been chipped to have vtec disabled because its a D16y7 head NON VTEC> Im doing it all motor and stayin d-series because i love the d-series iv beat some K series F series and B sereis so im doing great! If u need to know anything give me a shout! Smile I also have some tip's and tricks.

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