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OBD1 Ecu conversion

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1OBD1 Ecu conversion Empty OBD1 Ecu conversion on Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:45 am

How to convert your obd1 ecu from auto to manual tranny ecu without spending ANY MONEY. 1st thing you'll need is a auto tranny ecu (duh) lol 2nd thing ull need is a solder iron/gun and some solder which i happen 2 have layin around the house.. Now time to open the ecu case up.. Once u do so find the resistor's labeled RP17 and RP18 desolder them, now that they are desolderd u need to solder in a jumper wire or equal to a jumper or u can buy a 0 ohm Resistor from radioshack for only a dollar or less. Solder that into RP18 and your done. Now ur auto tranny will not throw any check engine lights for the shift solenoid Smile Saving u $120+ for a manual ecu. And then while ur at it u can chip it for 32.99 There is a awesome chipping kit on ebay and it comes with instructions and its simple and u can have any basemap thown on the chip to convert ur p05 into a p28,p06 or w/e u want. Smile I use the chip and its worth the 33bucks and he reburns the chip 1 time for free. His user name is *flwrchylde*

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2OBD1 Ecu conversion Empty Re: OBD1 Ecu conversion on Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:06 pm

while this post looked like an advertisement for my eBay store posted by me it was not, i found this post by searching "flwrchylde chip" on google

I appreciate the reference

For those who want the auto to manual ECU conversion instructions they are available here:


For those who want a link to my eBay store you can go here:


My chips might be priced slightly higher than some others but I have a collection of basemaps I made for stock motors while working at a dyno from 2001 - 2006

My feedback speaks for itself with multiple repeat buyers and dealers who purchase from me. I will NOT be able to satisfy all setups, some are just too weird but it does not hurt to try and if you ask to send the item back for a refund then I will happily agree to. Very Happy

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