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D-series and B-series Tips and tricks.

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1D-series and B-series Tips and tricks. Empty D-series and B-series Tips and tricks. on Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:33 am

Hello james here I wanted to share a few ways to get some HP+Tq without spending alot. I have been doing this for awhile now and dyno proven results, 1st thing u could do is add and replace ground wires upping the size a few gauges and putting more will usually give u on average up to 2-3Hp dyno proven on my old toyota celica, 2nd u could make cusom motor mounts by getting window sealer from autoparts store (autozone) 20bucks. U put tape on 1 side and start frm top 2 bottom making it not have ANY air bubbles and wait 3 days b4 installing, Makes a semi solid mount increase tq ALOT. U can do this as a mod or a stock replacement for a broken mount, 3rd u can do a gasket match or port and polish (PNP) U can take a dremmel and a grinding wheel and take ur factory gasket line it up with the head, Take a sharpie or ur choice and color in the area shown after gasket it installed. Then take gasket off and grind all the sharpie away until gasket and port holes are perfectly insync. Causing less resistance. BUT DO NOT DO THIS ON THE INTAKE MANIFOLD unless u have stage 2 cam or bigger, Causes anti reversion which is good.. 4th thing u can go and get 2 things of heet from autozone and add 2 take causes engine to run better because of the small amount of aclohol + helps pass emission test PROVEN FACT> I have more things u could do just hit me up for more and if i can remmember more i will let you know! Very Happy

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2D-series and B-series Tips and tricks. Empty Awesome post on Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:36 am


Great Post Dude!!!

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