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Rides Thread - Post Your Car Here

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1Rides Thread - Post Your Car Here Empty Rides Thread - Post Your Car Here on Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:59 am

Post up pictures and talk about your cars here.

Starting it off with my lowly 2003 Civic LX sedan. Pretty much all stock. I just have LED interior lights, reverse lights, license plate lights, and parking lights, Pioneer headunit, and Pioneer 3 ways in the front doors.

I've still got the back pair to put in whenever the weather is nice and I wanna tear apart the whole back seat and rear deck. I was kind of waiting till I'm ready to get tint so they can get where the tail light would normally be in the wat.

I want to retrofit projectors and get HIDs, drop it on Eibach springs, get 15" rims, put on a DC5 rear sway bar, and finish my sound system with an amp and subs. Debating whether or not to put any money into the engine. Not much power to be made for the amount of money it costs.

Rides Thread - Post Your Car Here Mycivic1

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